Plastic Heart </br></br>Juliana Höschlová (CZ), Rudolf Samohejl (CZ/B), David Vojtuš (CZ), Natalia Trejbalová (IT), Mia Goyette (USA/GER)

Plastic Heart

Juliana Höschlová (CZ), Rudolf Samohejl (CZ/B), David Vojtuš (CZ), Natalia Trejbalová (IT), Mia Goyette (USA/GER)

February 15–April 14 2019

Opening: February 14, 6pm & concerts: Barcode DJs, Quantum Natives

Curator: Tereza Záchová

Every day, I think about what I could do to create a better society. Start a small revolution? Every day, I see people around me succumb… they succumb to the social dictate – a new phone, a new bag, a new coat, new shoes, new, new… Someone dictates that we need new things. Who? Is this privation an entirely human lot? Why do we own so many things? I am aware of maximal redundancy. And the invisible becomes the real threat. What could be the role of art and the work of artists in searching for solutions to global problems that will influence the future?

Certain artists uncover layers of certain possibilities connected to environmental impacts. Whether they take on a critical or poetic position, we need to consider the topic as a whole, thus paving the way for our own activism.

Plastic Heart

Plastic Heart

The displayed artworks are focused on increasing awareness on needless over-production.

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Opening of the new exhibition The Plastic Heart will take place on Thursday February 14, 2019 at 6pm. Including concerts of Barcode DJs & Quantum Natives. Looking forward to see you there!

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