jaroslav valečka

-        Born 1972 in Prague

-        Studies: Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, 1992-1999 (painting /J.Sopko/ and sculpture /J.Hendrych); Vestlandes Kunstakademi, Bergen, Norway, 1994; Staatlische Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, Germany, 1995; Royal Academy Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1996

-        He has been an Assistant Professor in the preparatory courses of sculpture and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts

-        Member of several art groups – Natvrdlí, A12, Central Europe Stuckists

-        www.valecka.eu/



City gallery Pardubice

Příhrádek 5, 53116 Pardubice
T: + 420 730 524 909
E: info@gmpardubice.cz
3D view

opening hours:
Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm



Let us invite You to the opening of the latest project called Void ⤬ Repletion. The opening of this both indoor and outdoor project takes place on July 16, 2019 from 5pm. For more info go to www.prazdno-naplneni.cz.

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