Juliana Höschlová (CZ), Rudolf Samohejl (CZ/B), David Vojtuš (CZ), Natalia Trejbalová (IT), Mia Goyette (USA/GER)

I remember I had an ecology handbook when I was about ten. I loved it very much, and every day, I’d labour over some task or other. My personal activism grew to the point where I demanded a similar approach from those around me. The handbook said water would run out one day, which scared me, and I took the threat dead serious. I saved drops falling off the tap. I used them to water the flowers or rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth. I remember that when the first thin plastic bags appeared, my grandma was ecstatic – she no longer had to put things in flour bags. However, she’d save the plastic bags and use them several times before they ripped and had to be thrown away. The matter of water running out is still at hand, I grew up, and my ecology handbook got lost somewhere along the way. And plastic bags? They grew into our quotidian existence.

My rebellion always took place in my personal arena; I never chanted atop barricades, nor did I organise demonstrations to influence the masses. But I did try to infect those I was directly in touch with. Many years have gone by – everything has become faster, decreasing in quality and becoming more consumable. We can talk about capitalism; we can talk about a new form of feudalism too. I’m not saying we should get back up the trees and thus begin building up values from the ground up. Quite the contrary, we can count the numeric series in a variety of ways. The essence lies in a step towards mindfulness and its realisation. Now more than ever, we have to wake up from the artificial sleep and begin actively participating in life.

Curator: Tereza Záchová

View to the installation

Natalia Trejbalová: i used to envy yyouyour green fingers(till..

Juliana Höschlová: Scenario to a Colored Horror

Mia Goyette: Antifreeze, David Vojtuš: Global Problem

Rudolf Samohejl: Picture, Ropes, East

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