The Ways of Perception

  • Barbora Zentková & Julia Gryboś: Yarn of the Welfare

I walk through the image, I perceive it with all my senses, I become it. I encounter fragile memories and relationships. I walk through the labyrinth of events and the today economy... The spacial installation gently traces the site’s architecture. It evokes, not accidentally, hand-made door curtains. Zen work - ere and now. Rope after rope, one by one. Hours after hours. To devote time to yourself, to a self-reflection, but also to the place where you live - allow it to breathe, let emotions and information flow ... The material artists used for the installation, was partly discovered and bought in second-hands and pawnshops in Pardubice. Where does the border of a misery stand? When could one get rid of personal effects?

  • Michal Kindernay: Heliofilie #79 7.4.–7.6.
  • Michal Kindernay: Sound Installation for a Lonely Gallery Visitor 

Příhrádek (the Vorschloss) is undoubtedly one of the most charming places in Pardubice. Especially during the night and especially in the summer (unless, of course, it is not dug up into pieces; however, it has its genius loci anyway). For three months, Michal was recording the lime tree growing up next to the gallery, as well as the sky above it. His videos can be understood as a horizontality rewritten into a verticality. All that time hidden in one image. A proof of an inconspicuous transformation of seemingly static. Stillness in motion. A swatch gallery of time and space. And there, somewhere in the corner, a discreet sound installation for a lonely gallery visitor.

  • Marita Bullmann: Speicher I.

Experienced vs. mediated. To be a stranger and to discover new places where any banal situation often becomes unusual, interesting or unique. Once, GAMPA used to be a granary, or a place to store a particular substance. The primary function of this place has not changed much today, though it may not seem. The National Heritage Institute, which the gallery occupies only in part, keeps reminiscences of old times all around. What to preserve and what to get rid of? What shall belong to our future generations? Would not be everything better bottled?

  • Václav Peloušek: Realita, co se točí, podemele tvoje oči

Layer_01: A romantic picture of moving corn shadows. Layer_02: Post-apocalyptic landscape. Darkness, flickering and ambient sound. A balm-cricket. Layer_03: Noise can be observed through digital devices. Lesson’s_tasks: Is it the vision of the future or the present? Who controls, he rules? What role does agriculture play in politics? Wheat or rape seed?







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