Time's Up: SeatoxDetox / accompanying programme

Wednesday 4. 12. | 18:00 | Time's Up: SeatoxDetox & Izanasz | show opening & concert

  • Welcome to the near future. Your guides to a world following the ecological collapse of the oceans are the Time’s Up artist collective and Isanasz (Jan Palatý) with his compositions, which bring together a sci-fi aesthetic with influences of IDM, drone, noise, and post-rock.  

Friday 17. 1. | 18:00 Art's Birthday: Molly & Everything | concert and live video-game playing

  • The international celebration of Art’s Birthday comes to Gampa and Divadlo 29 for the first time. Everything, a computer game conceived as a simulation of learning, will be accompanied by a mass of analogue synth sounds provided by Molly (Jan František Mikeš). The evening will continue in Divadlo 29. For more information, see www.divadlo29.cz.

Tuesday 21. 1. | 17:00 Eva Skopalová: Green Hermeticism | lecture

  • Can renaissance knowledge from the fields of hermeticism and alchemy respond to the needs of today’s society?

Thursday 23. 1. | 18:00 Time’s Up: Possible Futures | lecture

  • Tim Boykett is a founding member of the Time’s Up collective and also holds a PhD in maths and computer science. In this lecture, he will speak about the methods and techniques the group uses when creating installations. A scientist can also be an artist!

Tuesday 4. 2. | 18:00 Film Tuesday: Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

  • You won’t find the term anthropocene in official geological dictionaries just yet, but informally, it refers to the geological epoch we currently find ourselves in, in which the main cause of permanent global changes is humanity. This breathtaking documentary offers a provocative and unforgettable experience, illustrating the impact of people on our planet.

Saturday 22. 2. | 10:00–16:00 | Ondřej Buddeus: Text, Event, and Balance | workshop (participation fee: 300 Kč, students 150 Kč)

  • This workshop with Ondřej Buddeus, established writer, poet, and translator, will focus on the possibilities of narrating and capturing that delicate personal experiences that create our reality. The workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in playful approaches to text, writing, and narrating. Recommended for those over fourteen years of age. Capacity is restricted to a maximum of ten – prior registration necessary. For more information and to register: sarka@gmpardubice.cz

Saturday 22. 2. | 19:00 | Ondřej Buddeus: Author’s Reading | Klub 29

An evening event intended not only for those who attended Ondřej’s creative writing workshop. A reading by one of the most interesting figures on today’s Czech literary scene. Both the reading and the workshop are held in collaboration with Textconnexion.

REPETITION IS THE MOTHER OF LEARNING / regular workshops for families, children, and senior citizens

FAMILY WEDNESDAYS | 10:00–12:00 | entry: 50 Kč for a child and adult, 25 Kč extra for every other child

  • Open workshops for children and their parents or grandparents. A space to meet, have fun, and learn.

Wednesday 22. 1. | 10:00–12:00 | When We Grow Up…

  • What will the world around me be like when I grow up? Will there be a world? What about water, animals, and plants? What should we do to keep all the beautiful things we have on this Earth?

Wednesday 19. 2. | 10:00–12:00 | What’s Lurking Under the Surface?

  • What’s hiding in the depths? What’s the world down there like? Come explore it with us – perhaps we’ll see a flash of light in the dark depths below.

SENIOR FRIDAYS | 10:00–12:00 | entry: 50 Kč / prior reservation necessary

  • Workshops for creative grandmas and grandpas. Our motto is: age is just a number.

Friday 24. 1. | 10:00–12:00 | Pop-up Comic Book

  • Do you know what a comic book is? An illustrated narrative that can take many forms. This time, we’ll try to adapt a comic book story into a pop-up book. And the theme? What about “from the past to the future”?

Friday 21. 2. | 10:00–12:00 | From Up Top!

  • Etching – applying – printing. Linocut is a graphic technique of printing from above. Come try it out and make your own graphic work.

CREATIVE SUNDAYS | 15:00–17:00 | entry: 50 Kč

  • Weekend workshops for children aged 4 to 15 who aren’t afraid to explore the possibilities of contemporary art – and their own possibilities too.

Sunday 26. 1. | 15:00–17:00 | Other Worlds

  • Tadaaa, we’re in the future – here and now! It sounds enticing – but what if everything turns out differently…? What awaits us in a few decades? What should we do so we can keep living our carefree lives on our planet? Come create different worlds with us – or, who knows, perhaps the same world over and over.

Sunday 23. 2. | 15:00–17:00 | H2O

  • Water? Where is it, where has it gone? Or: I’m drowning, heeeelp! I can’t see the bottom… A comic book story on the topic of “H2O”. How will your story begin? And how will it end?

Entry is by donation unless stated otherwise.


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